The history of founding of Abdulla Al-Mutawa stores for medicines and medical equipments returns to the year 1970 and it is a part of Al-Mutawa Trading Company, and due to it’s long experience in medicines and medical equipment, the Company imports and Exports these items and sale it as whole or retail.

The company has is an exclusive agent for a wide variety of medicine and pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, health products, sex associated material, fitness and muscle building products, different baby and pediatric product and various medical products.

The company has a net of it’s agents to make the distribution around UAE and has business relationship with different countries around the world .And by it self it has a large number of pharmacies all belongs to the group.

Abdulla Al Mutawa Pharmaceutical Stores by its concern to enlarge and to cover all fields that are related to health, had added to its group a new medical aspect by opening the Arabian medical center, Sharjah.

This center had started by pediatrics, cardiology, dental department and the general practitioner department, as a start to grow in the near future to cover all aspects of specialties.

The doctors and the medical assistance staff talk all the common languages living in emirates. The clinic has its good relation with the most reputable clinics and hospitals abroad , all test can be done in emirates or abroad for the patients according to there wishes and there needs. The clinic also can arrange all the suitable consultations abroad for any patient