Abdulla Al-Mutawa’s stores are considered as a sole agent of many Giant International Companies in the middle east like :

  • Weider USA Company: Specialized in body building of fitness products & musclebuilding
  • M+C Schitter (Germany): Specialized in tooth brushes manufacturing and tooth paste
  • which has Antibactrial  properties .
  • Drula Fabric Company (Germany ): Specialized in Beauty products of cosmetics
  • Walter Ritter Company, Germany : Specialized in many product consumed in health.
  • body and sexual health and the royal jelly .
  • Reman Company (Germany): Specialized in health product related to
    sexual health and honey related product .
  • Innotech International (France): medicines, Beauty & health product
  • med2000 – Italy, for medical equipments .
  • Sheffield Lab, for health products like tooth paste , lubricant creams , shaving cream
  • absolutum , germany , cosmotic creams and beuty products .

plus a lot of companies that we import from them a varitiey of items that are related to the medical , pharmaceutical or general items from all around the world.